Conflict and Dispossession of Nubian Lands in Upper Egypt


This post combines a number of articles and work on the conflict over dispossession of Nubian land in upper Egypt. The Dossier follows recent news of political action by Nubian activist fighting to prevent further diposssession of historical lands. This collection contains  articles on the topic and will grow progressively.

Below are links to articles from Mada Masr as well as Mada Masr's file on Nubian rights, a selection of articles from Al-Montor, as well as a master's thesis from the American University of Cairo.

Nubians and development: 1960-2014

American University of Cairo, Master

"From the Aswan dams of the early twentieth century to the ambitious "Toshka" project of today, Egyptian Nubians have watched their former land transform under the rubrics of progress, modernization, and development for over one hundred years. While these mega-projects position themselves as necessary for the greater Egyptian good, their tangible effect on the ground is less clear. For Nubians who lost their homes, lands, and traditional livelihood due to resettlement, the price of development is even higher, posing important questions about the real value of these schemes. This thesis project offers a critical look at the concept of development, using the example of Egypt’s Nubians to understand how this discourse is written, narrated, and practiced on the ground." 
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Al Monitor - Egypt Pulse, 15 October, 2015

"It’s been 51 years since the Nubians were displaced from their land of origin, after the Aswan High Dam waters flooded more than 60 of their villages in 1964. Back then, the Egyptian government was determined to relocate everyone during the dam construction and said that they could go back to their villages once the construction of the dam was complete. Yet the government has not met its promise so far, said Ashraf Osman, head of the Nubia Supreme Council, in an interview with Al-Monitor."

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Egypt’s Nubians protest for right to return to their lands

Al Monitor - Egypt Pulse, 22 November, 2016

" “The revolution might gush out of the south, just like the Nile does.” With this slogan, Nubians raised their voices once again in protest of the Egyptian administration's putting part of their lands up for sale to investors. This prompted them to demand their right of return and repatriation to their homeland from which they were displaced when the Aswan High Dam was built in the 1960s."

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Nubian Rights Section on Mada Masr

Mada Masr Archive on Nubian Rights

The Mada Masr section on Nubian rights: Click here

"There were several waves of forced Nubian displacement in the 20th century. Nubians were displaced with the building of the dam by the British in 1902, and when its height was raised on two different occasions in 1912 and 1933, and again with the building of the Aswan High Dam by former President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1963-4." Click here for article

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Nubian protesters suspend sit-in, meeting with PM scheduled for next week

Mada Masr November 23, 2016

"Nubian rights lawyer Mohamed Azmy, who took part in the protest, told Mada Masr that they broke up the encampment with hopes of reaching a resolution with the government through negotiations.

“There are still ongoing negotiations with the cabinet and the presidency,” said Azmy, adding that a meeting is scheduled with the prime minister for next Monday.

Fatma Emam Sakory, a legal researcher who specializes in Nubian affairs, expressed concerns that the end of the sit-in would result prolonged political negotiations, reducing the likelihood of the protesters achieving their demands."

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Nubian protest camp blocks road for 4th day, negotiations with state authorities continue

Mada Masr, November 22, 2016

"A Nubian protest camp has continued to block the Aswan-Abu Simbel Road for a fourth consecutive day as security forces prevented activists from continuing to their intended destination. In light of the standoff, the Governor of Aswan Magdy Hegazy hosted negotiations between Nubian elders and state authorities on Tuesday.

The camp was established on Saturday when security forces besieged a caravan of cars attempting to reach the Nubian Forkund village, which was recently annexed for a state-backed development project in Toshka, to protest the land seizure."
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